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Ladies First is specialized in the conception and development of innovative products and strategies in the world of healthcare, through the creation and development of strategic partnerships for the birth of new contexts in the era of technological innovation. Ladies First is therefore able to provide the customer with a mapping of the reference stakeholders and support in managing the relationship with them, with a particular tailoring activity focused on the customer’s business objectives.

Particular attention is paid to understanding the regulatory context and the procedures that regulate the complex world of healthcare. Our experience allows us, in fact, to guide the customer within the different levels of the sector, helping him to understand the key factors that govern the market. This aspect is important especially with regard to access to the market for innovative products and new generations of therapies. The in-depth knowledge of the context and our experience allow us to navigate the complexity of the markets and to give a way for the development of new regulatory paths.


Ladies First is specialized in carrying out accurate analyses of the political and institutional scenario in Healthcare, at a national and regional level, with the aim of supporting the client in correct and transparent dialogue with policy makers. We are therefore committed to developing and maintaining active relationships between the client and the institutional representatives of reference, with the aim of creating shared paths that lead to the desired results through a correct and irrefutable method.

At the same time, we are able, thanks to the legal and technical skills and experience in the Health & Pharma world, to support the client in the accreditation and policy shaping process and to support him in relations with regional and national health institutions, with regulatory bodies and multistakeholders, always respecting the transparency of communication and ethical correctness. We also offer our customers a mentorship path designed to prepare the ground for the future definition of policies within innovative markets. In fact, we strongly believe that the transfer of knowledge represents an essential resource in the field of innovation, especially if accompanied by the ability to set a timing for the achievement of business objectives.


Ladies First is able to provide periodic reports with a focus on the client objectives, monitoring the developments of the decision-making, political and institutional processes of the Health sector. The goal is to provide the customer with the information base necessary to make business decisions with adequate awareness, allowing them to anticipate the evolution of future scenarios.

Complete parliamentary monitoring is therefore offered, ranging from a summary of the general political situation to a targeted in-depth analysis of specific regulatory procedures, with particular attention paid to the parliamentary acts presented during the discussion in the Parliament. Ladies First is also specialized in the creation of position papers and in the development of documents of immediate understanding and infographics to support company meetings, with a focus on framing the issue.


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Ladies First is specialized in the development of institutional projects. We give the idea and shape to complex events such as conferences, presentations and events in the Pharma and Innovation fields. In fact, we think that a crucial point in the development of innovative strategies in the Health and Pharma sector is to create new spaces and new dimensions by extending and maintaining relationships between all the players in the system.

Starting from the academic and research world, passing from institutional and political profiles up to company representatives: we believe that comparing and listening to different perspectives is the best way to achieve the desired objectives and to constantly monitor progress of work, creating tangible value for the improvement of patients’ lives.